Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Connecticut, God Is With You

There is really nothing more to say.

Friday morning, December 14, 2012, is one of those dates that will live forever. It started out as a day like any other. Parents woke up, made coffee, maybe breakfast, turned on the News. They got their Children up. Got them off to the Bus for School.

Then about 9:30am, a young man arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where more than 600 children from kindergarten through fourth grade, were starting their day. For reasons no one knows, or are saying, the young man walked into a Kindergarten Classroom.

Gun shoots ran out all through the school. In the end, he killed 27 people, Teachers, Principal, and 20 children, most of them kindergartners. Then the he killed himself.

This is the worse school massacre in American History. What can you say? All those Parents that sent their kids off to school, never would have thought, this was their last time to hug them, and say "I love you." They had no idea this was the last time they would ever see them alive. They would never be coming home again.

I have two Sons. I cannot even imagine them going off to school, and never coming home again. What can you say to comfort a Parent with the loss of their five to ten year old child? Nothing. There is nothing to say. This is one of those times where you just know, like you know your name, God is in Newtown Connecticut.

One assurance, and perhaps a bit of comfort, is that there are no Children in Hell. No Child ever dies and is not with God Himself. Children are pure innocents. They have a free ride, if you will, straight to the Father, who embraces them with open arms. I can imagine the shortest verse in the entire Word, applies here today.

John 11:
35 Jesus wept.
May the Families have the Peace and Comfort they need in this very dark time in their lives. May they have the strength to do what they must do. May God be with them.

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