Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeling Better, Thank You To All

Continuing the Series This Sunday

Hey folks,

First and foremost, Thank you to God for my Healing, and what I have no doubt, with be a FULL Recovery. Second, A VERY strong Thank You to all of you, for your Prayers and kind words the last week.

Yeah, Friday I go up, went to work, everything was fine. About 2:30 pm, I felt like I was hit by a Mac Truck. Of course I just worked the rest of the day and went home. Saturday? Eh. Not bad, not good. Then Sunday came. Got up, coughing, tired. No energy. No after years of Smoking, I have become prone to Bronchitis. About once of twice a year. I know what that feels like. This was not it.

So about 11:30 am, I asked my Wife Laura to take me to the Hospital. Now if you have known me for ANY time, you KNOW I NEVER say, hey, let's go to the Hospital. I would also never entertain being ADMITTED into the Hospital. Just give me good drugs and I'm be on my way.

So we get to the Hospital, and they ran some Preliminary Tests. It was not long when a very nice Doctor showed up in full self protection garb saying, "Congratulations Mr. Carlock. Not only do you have the Flu, but you have Pneumonia. You win a Private Room and a few day stay with us..  My only response? OK.

I have to say, EVERYONE, at Martin Memorial South Hospital in Martin County was FANTASTIC!!! Seriously, the Doctors, Nurses, PCTs, even my new older Gentlemen Friend from Dietary were all GREAT. Meghan? Meghan is a Nurse in training, she was absolutely incredible. She is going to go a LONG way in the Health-field industry. She just is a Natural Caregiver.

Well, thanks to the great care by all, and thanks to all your Prayers and Kind Words, I was released Tuesday afternoon. Now I still have a ways to go. A LONG way to go. Can't leave the house until Sunday, which I think is a test, but I am on the mend.

Also thanks to Meghan and others there, I have also decided to make MAJOR changes. No more Tobacco, Electronics, Or anything else that will effect my breathing. No more of this Quitting, going back Quitting garbage. No more Soda. No more extra Sugar. No Sugar in my Coffee. Cutting WAY back on the Coffee. Better diet all together. Water, will most likely be my new go to drink. Life is just too short..

The good news, I'm out. I'm Home. I'm healing. And we will pick up where we left off here this Sunday with Part 5 of our 17 Part Series "The Poisonous Fruit Of the Flesh " "The Poisonous Fruit Of the Flesh, Lasciviousness"   Won't ya join us? I'm looking forward to getting back to a semblance of a routine..

Again, thank you all, so very much. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.


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