Friday, March 14, 2014

Bonnie Boxes of Love

Please take a second and check them out.

Hey folks,

I know this is not a normal posting day. For some of you, seeing this start with "Hey Folks" most likely brings back some memories. As some of you know, I started out Online back in the early nineties, on various Posting and Debate Boards. A few years later came my Political Blog. Over the years I have met and become friends with some great people. One of whom I would like to introduce to you today.

Her name is Barbara Hull Culhane. Her Husband Bill and I had many debates over the years, and became great friends, He has since passed on. He will never be forgotten.

Barbara and I have continued our friendship ever since. So when she sent me a message and asked if we could talk about Bonnie Boxes of Love, of course the answer was Yes. We had a very nice conversation, and I will most definitely be contributing to the cause, and may, even start a Martin Country Chapter with my Wife Laura.

If you are like me, you know someone who has been effected by Cancer. I have lost a couple of dear loved ones to the Disease and have educated myself a great deal in Cancer Research and Scientific Studies. I Pray that in time, we will discover a Cure for this nasty and ravishing Disease. The current Breakthroughs in several area's seems to be very promising.

Have you ever walked into a Hospital or Treatment Center and looked around? Seriously. You see many folks sitting in the Infusion Chairs, laying in the beds. Some with loved ones. Some facing it all alone. Some sad, some sick from the Treatments. It is never an all that happy sight.

So what are Bonnie Boxes of Love, and how can you get involved? This from their own Website says it all.
I originally called them Because We Care Boxes then a valiant warrior, one who seemed to always be able to pick everyone else up ended her cancer journey on Feb. 1st in her memory I renamed them Bonnie Boxes With the help of so many others and especially Kathy Donner Parara in Oregon, we began to share the idea with others on our facebook pages~and it has taken off..
I'll say it has taken off. In one month. ONE Month folks. People have started to join and even start their own Chapters. Currently, There are Chapters in AZ, CA, FL, GA, NY, OR, PA, SC, WI. in just the first month. Again from the Website...
This group has gathered to create an ongoing effort to fill shoe boxes for patients sitting in Infusion Centers in our that we can bring them a little bit of love and comfort~These boxes, once decorated and filled with donated items,will then be delivered to the Nurses to hand out to patients who are alone or are having a difficult day~
Our aim is to show that others care and have been there,and understand and most importantly to give them hope~
So what goes in them? Well, Hand lotion, bottle water, chapsticks, pocket size hand sanitizer , Warm fluffy socks, soft Hats indoor gloves, pens, Small notebooks, Small inspirational books, anything homemade like bracelets, fridge magnets, necklaces. Tea cozy covers for the little tissue packets, soft stuffed animals, giumbly pets, can of ginger ale, ginger tea bags, Solar flowers, bubbles, Dove sensitive bar soap unscented , eye glass cases, crossword puzzle books , word search books, magazine light reading please, dark chocolate candy. Pretzels,chips, crackers, and things of this sort.

My Wife makes hats and these cute little stuffed Animals. She has already starting planning on what she will be making soon to put in the boxes we will be creating for the cause. You can too. If you are like me, and NOT handy or creative, you can always go out and but some of the needed items. If you wish, you can even Donate to the cause financially.

Please folks, you know me, I do not advertise ANYTHING. Especially here on TAG. However, I truly and whole hardheartedly believe that these Boxes can, and do, put a smile on the Faces of those facing this terrible and in most cases, terminal Disease. Especially if the person is facing it alone. Won't ya take a few moments and check them out.

If you DO have time, and you feel perhaps God is leading you to start a Chapter in your Area, PLEASE take the first step and Pray. Take the Second step and check out their Website. Then take the Third, and contact them directly. You can Email them from the Site, and join them on FACEBOOK. As they say "It's that easy all you need is a Heart and some free time to put a smile on some ones face. Cancer effects everyone. Won't you give a little of your time to help put a smile on a cancer patients face.

Cindy, Cathy, Barbara, and all those you will put a smile on their faces Thank you for your time and consideration. I thank you. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.


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