Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Be mindful of the things you are thankful for.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my family. My Mother for giving birth to me. My Wife who takes good care of me. My Sons Joshua and Elijah. Of whom I again can see the world through the eyes of a Child. A World of Magic and Miracles. Innocent and pure.

I am thankful for my Job, in a time so many are struggling to find one.

I am thankful for my home, in a time when so many can not get one of their own, or are in the process of losing theirs.

I am thankful for being born an American. Born into the greatest country on Earth. Thankful for our Freedoms.

The Freedom to be whatever I chose to be. In a land where our Poor, have homes, cars, cell phones. On Average two TVs, Computers, and a means to an education. In a World who's poor live in huts, with no toilets, running water, or electric.

The Freedom to speak out against our Leader's Policies, without fear of punishment and death.

The Freedom to dream, and the ability to achieve that dream.

The Freedom to believe. To practice whatever Faith I believe in, anytime and anywhere I chose.

I am thankful for the Men and Women, who stand up, leave their Families, and put their dreams on hold, to take an oath, to defend those Freedoms. Those that understand that Freedom is NEVER given freely. It is ALWAYS taken and defended by force. Those that are willing to pay the ultimate price, including the laying down of their own lives, for that freedom.

But most importantly, I am thankful to God, for Life itself. For without that, we would have NOTHING. To Jesus, who loved us so, He laid down His Godhood, became flesh, and allowed Sinners to abuse and Crucify Him, for my sake, and for the sake of all mankind. For making it simple, that all can find Salvation, by simply accepting His Sacrifice.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you have a happy and healthy Holiday. Just remember, even those with the least, have MUCH to be thankful for.

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