Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Conversation With Peter, New Series

Coming up here at TAG. 

Hey folks,

I know that some share what is posted here with their kids. I know some that read this are young adults. I know that TAG, is that, The Truth According to God. We do not pull punches. We are not Politically Correct. I do not filter anything. Whatsoever the Holy Spirit gives me, is what I share with you.

Well, let's put it this way. I build you a car. I teach you all about the car. However, some have decided that it is not proper, nor "Socially Acceptable," to discuss the inner workings of the car, and the one thing that everybody loves about the car, in public. Never-mind talking about it in a Garage. People don't want to hear that..

What am I talking about? Sex. Yup. See, our Creator, God, created us, and He created all about us. Yes. This includes Sex. However, some have decided that it is not proper, nor "Socially Acceptable," to discuss Sex. Never-mind talking about it in a Church like setting. Children will be there. Everybody knows about Sex and we should leave that topic alone.

Here is the problem with leaving the topic alone. The first three Works of the Flesh, are all about SEX. Adultery {Sex with anyone not your Spouse}, Fornication {Sex with anyone you are not Married to} Lasciviousness {"lewdness." "lustful desires." "debauchery"}. This is just the first three.

Why? Why is it that we are not to talk about Sex, or rather God's Plan for great Sex? Since our Churches have pretty much stopped teaching about it, we allow the Works of the flesh to take over. We pass out Condoms in Schools and teach our kiddies how to put a Condom on a Banana, because "They are going to do it anyway." But if we talk about it, then WE are the ones with the Problem. Look at the increased Pregnancy Rate among our School age Children. Who is right? Who is wrong?

I started this current series without a clue what to expect. I did notice that we cannot talk about the Sins, Works, Poisonous Fruit, of the Flesh, without talking about Sex. However, I did not expect it to take three days to discuss, Sex.

So my friends, we are going to be talking about Sex this up coming Series. It IS one of the most powerful, and can become one of the most devastating, Sins of the Flesh. It can lead to destruction and death. We need to talk about it. And we will be. If you are easily offended, consider yourself warned..

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. {2 Corinthians 13}

Until next time, be Blessed, be a Blessing, and Jesus IS Lord..

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