Friday, July 13, 2012

The Importance Of The Knowledge Of Truth

What Is Truth? 

Truth is. Plain and simple. Nothing else matters. Truth is. Everything else is perception. Everything else is interpretation. Truth just is. It doesn't have a desire to be justified. It doesn't have a desire to be glorified. It cares not for your opinion or acceptance. It just is, if you believe in it or not.

Take the glass. Half of the glass is liquid. Half is taken up with air. That is the truth. Now some see it as half full. Some see it as half empty. Some call the liquid in the glass as water, since it is clear to the eye. Some call it alcohol. Some say they do not know what it is. Others may attempt to explain the emptiness of the glass as being oxygen. Some suggest that it is CO2. Some, may even say it may be helium.

Then you have those that attempt to justify the glass. Where did it come from? Why is it there? What is the purpose? Is there a deeper meaning than, it is? Some may even argue that the glass is not really there. That it doesn't exist. However, none of this changes the fact that there is a glass. None of this changes the fact that in the glass there is liquid taken up half the space, and there is an absence of liquid taken up the other. That is the truth.

Now many that accept the glass, are right. Those that reject the glass are wrong. In the glass, the liquid is water. Those that accept the fact that it is water, are right. Those that thought it to be, or claim it to be anything else, no matter how clever they may think they are, are wrong. The truth is. Anything else, is not the truth, therefore, wrong.

So those that accepted the truth, those that are right, was it the glass that justified them? What about those that were wrong? Was it the glass that condemned them into false perception? No. The truth is. It really is this simple.

Truth in all things exist. The importance of knowing the truth is simple. Once you know the truth, you will never fall for the lie. You know your name. That is truth. When I was born, I was given the name Peter. That is the truth. If someone came up to me and said, "Your name is Bob." they would be wrong. I would understand that they are mistaken, or, if after corrected, they continue to call me Bob, I will then know that they are lying and have no desire to know the truth. So I would no longer waste my time attempting to correct them.

This is a faith based Blog. The things that are posted here are base on the Truth. The Truth according to God. If this sort of thing offends you, please continue on to another site. It is not my intention to offend. Everything posted here will be lead by the Spirit, and backed by the Word of God. This is not about me. It will have very little to do with me. I am but a vessel to partake truth and revelation according to God. If you become offended, please consider looking more closely at yourself. Research it yourself. Seek out the truth. Remember, it is. It matters not your acceptance. That is why I encourage you to NEVER take anything you see here, or, just blindly accept anything, anyone, ever, tells you, as absolute fact. Seek it out for yourself. If you know the truth, you can never be mislead.

The intent is to post a weekly faith based message. It should most likely appear here on Sundays. However, that does not mean things will not appear at anytime. I do encourage you to feel free to contact me at anytime at the Email, You can also leave a message, comment, or share testimonials here on the Blog. I have enacted the modification option, mostly for spam, but assure you that I will post whatever you send in within reason. No hurtful, personal attacks. If someone shares here, they will be supported. If you do not feel you can conduct yourself in a common curious manner, then perhaps you should abstain from participation. We are to teach, help, and heal each other in the Kingdom of God, and in the Family of God. Learn from one another, strengthen one another, and be the family God wants us to be. If that is your desire as well, Welcome.

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